The Expert of Cooling Technology Systems

Looking for reliable cooling devices ? Then do not hesitate to use the services of the company FRIGERA 21, a. s. - We provide everything needed for effective cooling. When implementing cooling equipment we use our years of experience, through which we bring you the best solutions tailor - made directly to you. Of course, warranty and post-warranty service of cooling for customers from all areas of the Czech Republic and abroad is provided.

The products include condensing units, refrigeration and shock freezers or individual components (condensing units, evaporators, heat insulation including doors and automatic control). We also design and supply systems for freeze-drying (also known as lyophilization). Our devices are used in industry, health service, food and agriculture industries.

Freeze drying

In the freeze-drying (also known as lyophilization), we design and deliver lyophilization according to customer requirements. Lyophilization is used for example in the manufacture of pharmaceutical and biological products. Lyophilization process ensures that all the properties of preparaties are retained. Lyophilization also greatly increases the durability of preparates.

Cooling and freezing boxes

We supply cooling and freezing boxes for storage of food, agricultural and other products. We offer a full supply of boxes or individual components (condensing units, evaporators, heat insulation, including doors panel and automatic control).


What advantages do you get if you buy a freezer from our company? Reliability, quality and performance - these are the main benefits available to everyone from our freezers. Freezers are used for freezing and storage of blood plasma and biological and pharmaceutical preparates. Our blood plasma freezer has the best performance values in the market. Which freezer to choose do not hesitate to contact us. We'll help you choose a freezer just according to your requirements.

Service of cooling

We provide customer service for all cooling products (cooling cabinets and boxes, freezers, equipment for lyophilization, compressors, etc.) all over the country and abroad. Service includes a review of cooling refrigerant leakage, cooling device retrofit, overhauls of cooling devices. Service of cooling also brings you the analysis of the existing system and any proposal for a new solution. Through years of experience in the field and thanks to qualified personnel we provide service of cooling quickly, reliably and professionally. We ensure cooling services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - in the case of interest in refrigeration service call +420 775 557 061.

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